A root conduit is a dental procedure that’s performed to remove dead or infected whim-whams from the root of a tooth. After the whim-whams are removed, the conduit within the root of the tooth is filled with stuffing material. And eventually, the tooth is generally restored with either a type of dental stuffing or a dental crown. Dentist Seattle Downtown restores your dental health in no time.

Why would I need a root conduit?

A root conduit becomes necessary when the whim-whams within the tooth become lit or infected. There are numerous reasons why a whim-whams can come inflamed or infected within a tooth. When the whim-whams are inflamed, it’s possible that the inflammation may be reversible, and can be treated similarly to that, a root conduit may not be necessary. still, inflammation that isn’t reversible, will lead to the need for a root conduit. Once the whim-whams are infected irreversibly, a root conduit will be necessary.

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